Sprouts Dosa

Spread dosa batter, sprinkle a table spoon of mung sprouts, sprinkle a tea spoon of peanut chutney powder, flip over - eat. Regular dosa made healthy. Yet another way to eat your sprouts and love it too.

Chickpea sprouts and Sweet Potato Soup

Half a cup of chickpea sprouts +  one sweet potato + chilly morning = 1 steaming bowl of soup. Looks good, tastes good and as a bonus makes you feel good too. Made this for self - family not too much into soups unless they have a cold. Even then, it is the regular hot and sour or tomato soup.

Tofu Manchurian with Broccoli Macaroni

Yet another twist of the classic and ever popular - Gobi manchurian.  Made from scratch without the dreaded MSG found in pakcaged food, it can be made healthy without the guilt and the effort involved in deep frying. Of course, Gobi is replaced with Tofu and served with Macaroni. Bland tofu actually tastes very good in this dish.

Khakra with Salsa

Cruncy, munchy snack without the guilt of deep fry - that is Khakra for me.  Plain Khakra served with fresh and spicy tomato salsa made for a quick tea time snack. The salsa was made without onion, garlic and coriander because I did not have the patience to peel and chop on a growling stomach.

Pasta and Sprouts/Spinach stir fry - Lunch box

Trying to incorporate proteins, carbs and as much nutrition as possible is the only rule I have when packing lunch box. Left over pressure cooker fusili and a sprouts, spinach stir fry seasoned with peanut chutney powder  - was my lunch today. I had refrigerated the pasta immediately after cooking the night before. By lunch time, it was at room temperature and tasted more like a pasta salad.

Picture is hazy and I finished eating before I could take another one. Recipe for the stir fry follows.

Khakra with chutney dip

Two tablespoons each of mint chutney, meetha chutney and curd mixed together and served with khakras. We like the khakras from Sriram sweets, a small sweet shop near Shoppers Stop on Bannerghatta road.

Lady's Finger/Okra/Bendakaya Gojju

I have started using my 1 litre prestige pressure cooker for everything these days including making ragi mudda. Reduces the cooking time and the need for stirring. The okra cooked perfectly in the cooker without any hint of gooey that it is associated with.  The gravy is made from peanuts chutney powder, sesame and poppy seed (gasagasalu in telugu). We had it with chapathi yesterday and tastes equally good with hot rice.