Khakra with Salsa

Cruncy, munchy snack without the guilt of deep fry - that is Khakra for me.  Plain Khakra served with fresh and spicy tomato salsa made for a quick tea time snack. The salsa was made without onion, garlic and coriander because I did not have the patience to peel and chop on a growling stomach.

Actually there is no recipe here. Pulse 3 tomatoes, 2 chillies in a food processor. Squeeze in half a lime and season with salt. Very easy and very tasty. For the adults, serve with a steaming hot glass of masala chai.

About the khakras - We do not like the thin packaged versions of the khakra available in grocery stores. We get them fresh from a small shop in Bangalore on Bannerghatta road - called Sriram Sweets. They are thicker and come with different flavors - methi, jeera, tomato and plain. PS: This is not an endorsement. It is information only for people in Bangalore who are on the lookout for good khakras.     

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