Cucumber Besan curry/soup

I am trying to increase the consumption of cucumber because of the numerous health benefits and the fact that it also helps in maintaining weight. I generally do not let the vegetables cook for long when I am making this dish for myself, and have a big bowl for breakfast or dinner.

  1. Cucumber diced - 2 cup
  2. Onion - 1/2 cup diced
  3. Chilli - 1 Chilli/ to taste
  4. Tomato - 1/2 cup diced
  5. Besan -1tbsp
  6. Oil - 1tsp 
  7. Salt to taste
  1. Heat pan add oil and the usual rai/jeera tadka.
  2. Add onions and cook for few minutes.
  3. Add chilli, tomato and cucumber - cook until tomato turns mushy.
  4. Make a paste of besan with water and pour into the pan. You can also mix besan in buttermilk if you like the slight sourness.
  5. Add salt and turmeric and cook covered until the raw smell of besan disappears. Approx 5 mins on medium heat.
  6. Serve as is or as a side dish for Chapathi.


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