Yes, you read it right. I am  a SCFS (Self Confessed Food Snob).

You are a food snob if either or all of the following are true.
PS: Please replace all "You"s with "I" in the points below.

1. You look down your nose on packaged mixes and gloat that you cook from scratch.
2. You are always substituting ingredients adding your own spin.
3. You can never go with the measurements given in the recipe.
4. You know even the obscure grains and products. Flax meal is passe. Qunioa, seitan or something more obscure are in. At least in my part of the world they are exotic.
5. Only organic will do for you. No conventional products please.
6. Food Inc., Slow Food Movement, 100 Mile diet, Locavores, Silent Spring etc etc., are every day phrases for you and not wikipedia links.
7. Finally, you think that answer to all of the worlds problems lies in "Sprouting". I do sincerely believe that sprouting solves at least some problems related to food.

Yes, I am all that and more. Ofcourse, that does not diminish my admiration for Norman Borlaug, MS Swaminathan, the Green revolution. Slowly I am realizing that everything has its place. But then I have my own beliefs and will stick my hand up and so you will read me sermonizing occasionally. So before the words form in your mind, I want to declare that I am a Food Snob. 

I still use packaged mixes when I am pressed. I do use conventional produce when organic equivalent is not available or prohibitively expensive or when I am too lazy to go and get it. I cook the traditional staple food of my native too in addition to the exotic ones. Honestly, the more local to the region the dish is, the more exotic it is now. One thing that I do not compromise much on is promoting local farmers especially for fresh produce. We actually buy our vegetables from a small cooperative promoting local organic farmers.

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